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How to create brilliant design with only ten reliable fonts.

In Uncategorized, Web Design on September 10, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Sitting at my desk, I wonder if the world is ready for yet another web design blog. After all, there are hundreds of them out there. As someone just starting out in web design, I wondered if was qualified to be offering web advice to beginners like me.

That’s the point; the web changes so fast, no one can ever be considered qualified. I’ve read articles, pondered Alistapart and Smashing Magazine and I’ve beaten my head against the impenetrable wall that is the W3school and I’ve come to realise, like the Web itself, Web design is a moveable feast.

As a print designer it’s easy to get complacent and bored doing the same thing over and over. Graphic Design has always been a rapidly shifting art form and I was as glad as anyone to see the back of bromides, chromelin proofs and films. In the last ten years the Internet has completely changed the way we look at design.

On the Web nothing stays the same. Essentially the Web is the client from hell. It’s full of confusing, frustrating limitations, endless jargon and mountains of dry, impenetrable code. Worse, it’s got a short attention span, no idea about design and a style manual that makes the Oxford Dictionary look like a travel brochure and to top it off he’s only got ten fonts.

That’s right, ten core websafe fonts including Comic Sans.

So, why am I doing this? Basically, I love design. All design. I love all its many shapes and forms and variations and I love a challenge. I’m the person who stops to admire a shop sign and clips pages out of magazines, and turns the world over searching for the right typeface. I get annoyed when people use the terms like typeface and font interchangeably and want Comic Sans burned at the stake!

As a designer, I think I’ve learned more about design in the last few months, studying web design, than in the last 10 years. So here to design, to the journey and to those ten reliable fonts…

…Or, perhaps that should be nine.